Two Constants in My Life

October 28, 2007

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to start a blog about food.  Being an organic baker and a Natural Nutritionist, I’ve learned a lot in the past few years about which foods are healthy, which aren’t, and how to bake terrific desserts that won’t harm your health.  And while I’ve enjoyed a modest amount of success at my business, there’s always been the nagging feeling behind it all that I’m a. . . . fraud.  How can I purport to be a holistic nutritionist when I’m (quite) overweight, and can’t seem to stop myself from eating foods that aren’t good for me? How can I tell others how to “eat healthy” when I can’t manage it all the time myself?

 Paired with my lifelong food issues has been a love of dogs.  I was born in the Year of the Dog,  and my honey tells me I have “dog-like qualities” (I didn’t take offense, as I think that’s a compliment!).  girlsonstoop.jpg About five years ago, we got our first furry kid, Elsie (black Lab-Border Collie cross).  Then, seven months ago, we got 6 week-old Chaser, a Lab-Border Collie-Shepherd cross.  See pix of both of them attached to this post.

When trying to decide what to blog, I realized I had to somehow combine both those things–dogs and diet.  Most of my waking hours are pretty much consumed by one or the other (not to disregard my actual job, or anything!).   I thought that writing about these two things in tandem might help me to gain a bit more personal insight, to learn why I can’t seem to stay on a healthy eating plan these days (I used to be about 40 pounds lighter–and even then, I thought I needed to lose weight!), and to figure out how to develop the emotional or psychological fortitude to get healthy again. 

I don’t know why, but I’m sure my dogs will have something to do with it.

So this blog is devoted to my quest for physical health and ideal weight, my love of food and recipes that will move me in that direction, and, of course, my two dogs.  Along the way, I’m sure I’ll mention my honey of ten years, my friends, my family. . . .but really, what it boils down to in the end is diet and dogs.


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