Such a Tease

November 11, 2008

I’ve never been what I’d call a “good” flirt.  In high school, I hung out with the nerdy crowd (hard to believe, I know!), so there wasn’t really any opportunity to flirt.  Then, when I was finally old enough to attract the opposite sex in my 20s, it seemed too late to get the hang of it. I do remember loathing, admiring and envying (all at the same time) the most popular girls in my high school.  It seemed as if their hair, or their eyelashes, or their limp wrists somehow possessed an invisible male adhesive as they giggled and nodded and caressed the guys, just so, on their forearms; or maybe it was just the pheromones they exuded. 

In any case, the flirty girls would always be surrounded by an inverse seraglio, an ever-shifting, amorphous cloud of doting males.  The boys would fawn over them, open doors for them, carry their books, offer them lifts, or request their phone numbers in a continuous stream.  Just how did the girls manage that, I wondered?  How did they get away with teasing the guys so overtly, implying lace and perfume and breathless embraces, yet, in reality, yield nothing?  These girls were whip-smart as well as beautiful, or they couldn’t have perfected their technique; yet they appeared vacuous and helpless and fragile all at the same time, thereby rendering themselves irresistible to the guys around them.

I had the opportunity to observe a consummate tease after my divorce, when I lived in the same flat as another woman who had previously been married to two of the richest men in Canada (and she was only 32 when I met her).  She was one of the smartest cookies I’ve ever known (and funny, witty, sweet and fun to be with, too) yet, the moment she came within a few feet of any attractive male, she appeared to devolve into–how shall I say this?–a helpless, needy, pouting little girl.  She’d bat her eyelashes at the nearest specimen and feign incompetence with the lock on the car trunk, the dial on the stereo or the squeaky door on the kitchen cabinet.  Then she’d throw up her hands in mock despair and emit a giggle that resonated across the room, like the clang of forks on wine glasses at a wedding, encouraging the newlyweds to kiss. 

There must have been something to it, too, because by the time I moved out, she’d snagged yet another of Canada’s wealthiest bachelors (they’ve since divorced, but let’s just say she’ll never have to work again–no, scratch that, she’ll never even have to brush her own teeth again).  

My own efforts at flirting have produced less than stellar results. True, some playful flirting resulted in four months dating Rocker Guy (he of the black leather pants); as it turned out, Rocker Guy himself really enjoyed flirting, too–he enjoyed it so much, in fact, that he continued to do so throughout the time we were dating. And his definition of “flirting,” unfortunately, encompassed “sleeping with.” 

Thus ended my flirtation with flirting.

Today, however, I’m afraid I’m going to play the tease once again.  After finding out at the last minute that I’d be away at a conference all day today, I wasn’t able to photograph the dish I’d originally intended to post about. Instead, there’s a slew of goodies I’ve been working on for the cookbook, and with the holiday season almost upon us, I thought it might be a good way to get in the mood for holiday baking. (Oh, so how’s the book coming along?  Well, I’m still working on the manuscript, which should be complete in less than a month, after which the materials are shipped off to the printer.  Ultimately, I’m still aiming for a release date in early 2009–February or March.  Whoo!). 

Some of these sweets have already been published elsewhere on this blog, with recipes included. You may have also seen some on the testers’ blogs (ie, the absolute BEST TESTERS any cookbook author–or baker–could ever want). 

Following are some of my recent favorites from the book, and those that would make good holiday treats. And even if it’s not out in time for this year, you may wish to make some of these next time round.

Chocolate Covered Caramels:


Old Fashioned Spice Cake:


Sugar-Free Sugar Cookies (plus recipe–great for decorating):


Chocolate Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies:


Cupcakes with Gluten-Free, Soy-Free Chocolate Buttercream:


Chocolate Satin Tarts:


Dalmatian “Cheesecake” Brownies:

Vegan Butter Tarts: (plus recipe):

And here’s a little preview of tomorrow’s sweet treat (recipe to follow).  I know, what a tease. . . 



25 Responses to “Such a Tease”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    You’re certainly a tease with those decadent goodies!! 😀

  2. Shelby Says:

    Um yeah, you can just wrap all that up and send it to me ASAP! Thanks 😉

  3. Ricki,

    I was the SAME way in high school and college. About the time I got comfortable and confident and figured out the whole flirting thing (20 yrs.), I met my husband.

    Oh well. 🙂

    That butter tart looks FABulous. (drooling in the background)

  4. amey Says:

    Oh my GOD Ricki!
    Those treats look so amazing and delicious! I can hardly believe it. Those chocolate caramels in particular have me quite excited!!! I would LOVE to know how to make something like that for myself. Amazing.

  5. Lisa Says:

    There are some good looking treats there. Great photos!

  6. Celine Says:

    yours is one of the three cookbooks I am the most impatient to see come out, Ricki.

  7. Johanna Says:

    those photos are definitely a tease – I am wilting in today’s heat (it is 35 today with a low of 22 and not even summer yet) and feel a bit like the gooey insides of some of those wonderful desserts! But these photos makes me look forward to this book even more

  8. you are too funny, Ricki! I never “got” how to flirt, either. Is that a pecan pie I spy????

  9. Megan Says:

    Maybe I should have a contest where people send me baked goods. 🙂

  10. Andrea Says:

    All the photos (and treats) look great but the satin tarts and the brownie photos are especially amazing. Very clever arrangements.

  11. Vegyogini Says:

    I’d say you’re doing pretty well at teasing, Ricki! I’m so excited for the book to come out so the rest of the world can taste your baked goods, too. Thank you for the huge compliment and for trusting me to be your tester!

  12. shellyfish Says:

    Is that pecan pie???? I mean, IS THAT PECAN PIE??? Being one of your testers is one of the best “jobs” I’ve ever had!
    Wow, the richest guys in Canada? Sorry about the divorces, but darn, good consolation prize.

  13. Courtney Says:

    I’d say you have perfected the art of the “tease” VERY well! If anyone is reading this post, you have to buy the cookbook when it comes out!! I was honored and thrilled to be a tester, so I have had a chance to taste some of these things, and they are AMAZING! Everyone needs to buy it!


  14. Lucy Says:

    I hope you can excuse my language here but women like that SHIT me.

    Women should not pretend to be flakes unless they ARE flakes. Worse still are the blokes who find that particular brand of ‘femininity’ attractive. I’d throw up on any man who thought I was a delicate little flower.

    Anyhoo. That’s out of my system now. All looking good. All sounding incredibly delish!

  15. Kiersten Says:

    Oh my gosh, those caramels are so tempting.

  16. its unfair. you’re too gifted. I feel so sub-par. Beautiful food (delicious food!) and breath-taking photos that make me want to lick my screen. you inspire me.

  17. This post was so much fun to read, but that’s not a shocker! I’ve never been a big flirt either, I don’t enjoy doing the eyelash batting, helpless poor little me act. Plus, I’m a very plain looking person, doing the eyelash batting just makes me look confused and empty-headed!

    Your book is going to be an instant hit! My birthday is in February, so your book will be my birthday present from me… to me! 🙂

  18. Ricki Says:

    Thanks so much! I will keep you in mind as I write up the caramel recipe, and ensure that it’s perfected and easy to follow. 🙂

    Wow–thanks so much. (The pressure’s on. . . )! I will try not to make you wait too long. 🙂

    How very eagle-eyed of you! Yep (as you see in tomorrow’s post).

    I could not have asked for a better tester! And I don’t compliment without meaning it (unlike some of those flirts out there. . . ) 😉

    Yep, I’d say that was a good consolation prize (though, of course, she actually had to be married to him in order to “win” it. . . not my bag of tea, from what I recall!). And yes, ’tis a pecan pie!

    Thanks so much! (*whispers* Now, where do I send that check?) 😉

    Well, I think my blog has just been elevated from “Family Friendly” to “Parental Discretion Advised.” But I do agree with the sentiment!

    Happy Herbivore,
    You’re kidding, right? But wow, am I ever flattered!

    You are too sweet–thanks so much! It may be a slightly late b-day present, but hopefully March will be okay, too 🙂

  19. ttfn300 Says:

    holy geez, i can’t wait for your cookbook 🙂 all those treats look so delectable!!!!

  20. Diann Says:

    Great, great post. It was incredibly rewarding to be a tester for you and I’m not done yet!! Your book will be such a success.

  21. bex Says:

    I just drooled on my keyboard a little

  22. Vegan_Noodle Says:

    This post has definitely inspired me to get into the kitchen and bake! Mostly just to satisfy the sugar craving you have given me with all those decadent photos!

  23. Gina Says:

    I just found your blog and I am already so eagerly awaiting the book!! Especially those cheesecake brownies, I can tell you now that will be the first thing I make.

  24. It’s taken me forever but I’m finally getting around to reading all of my favorite blogs (yours included) and all of the previous posts I missed during my extended absence. A cookbook, how exciting!!! Your photos are gorgeous. I can’t wait.

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