Extreme Meme, an Award and an Injury: Some Non-Food Tidbits

November 25, 2008

Recently, I was tagged by Kelly at The Pink Apron and River of Wing It Vegan to share 7 random facts about myself, and Giz at Equal Opportunity Kitchen to do a blog-related meme.

I do enjoy memes (and love reading about others through their memes), but I must admit that I am finding it more and more difficult to come up with new facts about myself.  That, and I suspect some of you are growing a little weary of reading about me and my various eccentricities, when what you’re really here for is the food! 😉

“Um, Mum, your readers may be a bit overloaded on YOUR memes, but what about us?  There are still plenty of random facts we could tell you about the two of us. . . .”

“Yeah, right! Hey, Elsie, how about that we love to play!  And that the yellow ball is my favorite!  Oh, oh, and that we LOVE to jump up on people!  And what about that we bark at cars that drive by outside!  Or that we love Greenies!  Or how about the way I pull on your ear every 30 seconds–“

“Zip it, Chaser. I am sure they get the idea. But there will be no ear-pulling for the next ten days, at least.”

Ah, yes, that reminds me: before I get to the meme, I should also mention the “Injury” referred to in the post title.  Once again, our accident-prone Elsie Girl has had a brush with the law  mortality a metal post. While frolicking with her sister the other day, sweet Elsie ran too close to a steel goal post at the park and whacked her side against it, ripping off a chunk of her haunch.  Poor baby!  And so the HH and I (and Chaser, who, after all, couldn’t be left all alone at home) spent our Saturday evening at the Vet Emergency clinic, where Elsie was treated to a bit of a shave, a cleansing of the wound, some staples to reconnect the skin, and a lovely cone on her head, which she absolutely abhors, poor thing.

Here she is, in all her misery:


[“Help. . . . me. . . . . “]

The worst part is that Chaser is terrified of the cone and won’t go near Elsie right now.  No more ear-biting, indeed.

And now, on to the meme, and seven random facts about me.  I won’t tag anyone else (it seems many of you have already done this one), but please do feel free to participate if you’d like.  

1) I didn’t learn to drive a car until I was about 30.  Well, I first acquired my license at 16 like the rest of my friends, but then moved away to university and didn’t have the opportunity to drive again until I was married.  I’d taken lessons for about a week when my husband and I decided to separate, which meant I was driving myself to work (about an hour each way) along busy provincial highways long before I felt ready to do so.  Talk about baptism by fire! (In this case, by ice, actually, as it was mid-winter when all this transpired).  A couple of dents to the fender and more than a decade later, and I’m finally comfortable behind the wheel.


2) I collect odd cups and saucers, and champagne flutes.    When I was a kid, my mom had a collection of odd cups and saucers that seemed to exist just outside our awareness in a glass cabinet in the kitchen. When I moved out on my own, however, my sisters starting giving me similar items as gifts, and I began to really appreciate them.  I love the varying patterns one finds on the older designs, the delicate structure of the cup and saucer, the nearly transparent quality of the fine china, and the elegance they exude (I always feel I should raise my pinkie when I sip out of one of them). 


A few years after I began to collect the cups and saucers, I was introduced to champagne (or, at least, sparkling wine) when a friend served me a glass of Segura Viudas.  Well, I was so impressed that shortly thereafter, I began to collect champagne flutes, too.  I’ll often buy them on sale at the end of the season–who wants to buy just one flute, right?–and have amassed about 3 dozen so far. 

champflute  My favorites are a couple I received for birthdays, the voluptuous pewter-stemmed one the HH gave me the first year we were together (see left), and the Waterford crystal pair the HH and I purchased for the turn of the century. 

3) I memorized every word of Beowulf in the original Old English during my PhD.  For our final exam, we were given a random passage in Old English and had to translate it.  Not wanting to take any chances, I decided to memorize the entire poem.  How much do I remember today?  This much: “Hwat! we, Gar-dena, in yeor dayum. . .”  Yep, the first five words. Well, it got me an “A” on the exam, anyway.

4) I was asked to be Valedictorian at my high school graduation, but I was too shy and said no.  Decades later, I’m still shy, but when I was given the opportunity again for my graduation from nutrition school in 2003, I decided I couldn’t pass it up twice, and said yes.  Very happy that I did!

5) When I was a teen, some of my friends and I worked as cashiers at the local drugstore (called a “pharmacy” in Montreal, even though the actual pharmacy dispensary was a small space at the back of the store).  We used to call it “The Phunny Pharm.”  My friends Babe, Sterlin, Phil and Angel also all worked there, so on any given day, it was guaranteed that I’d be working alongside one of my best friends.  We often created code words to alert each other when a cute guy came in the store. The names were connected to various cigarette brands (which, in those days, were sold out in the open from shelves behind the cash).  The cuter the guy, the stronger the brand we chose for his nickname.  When we saw a REALLY cute guy, we’d call across the aisle to each other, “Hey, Ric, do you have any packs of Rothmans at your cash?” or, “Um, Sterlin, I think I’ve run out of Du Maurier over here. . . ” The men never twigged in to it, even though sometimes three of us would come running to the counter at the same time, all ostensibly “looking for a pack of Rothmans.”

6) I started smoking in my 20s and didn’t quit until I met the HH in 1997 (at which point I was smoking about 1/2 pack a day–though nothing as strong as Rothman’s, of course).  Now, don’t go thinking that he was such a great influence on me, or anything. . . I quit because of my various health issues, not for love (how very unromantic of me, I know).  When I revamped my diet, I figured I should give my lungs a break, too.  The only smoke I’ve inhaled since then is second-hand. 

7) I once got to meet Chris de Burgh in person (true, not very exciting to all of you out there too young to recognize the name!).  At the height of his popularity, some friends and I went to one of his concerts in Montreal.  Because my friend Angel had met him while traveling in Ireland and they’d become correspondents (in the days before email, folks), he arranged backstage passes for her and five of her friends.  Somewhere in a box in my basement is a wine-stained scrap of paper on which is scrawled something to the effect of, “For Ricki, With all best wishes, Chris de Burgh.”  (Hey–maybe I can sell it and become one of those mansion-people I wrote about in the last post?)

So there you go, seven random facts.  I know I mentioned yet another meme to post, but I think I’ll save that for another day and avert a real Meme Overload.  And on the subject of overloading, I’ve got a nice, light and not-too-filling post-Thanksgiving recipe for you next time round.

To those of you in the U.S., hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


[“I bet all those people outside are having a great holiday weekend. . . and all I can do is stare out this window. . . *sigh*.”]


19 Responses to “Extreme Meme, an Award and an Injury: Some Non-Food Tidbits”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    Great facts!! I’m like you with #2 🙂

    Aww, Elsie!! Hope she heals quickly!!

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes!!

  2. I loved your meme! The cup and saucer and the flute are so fancy! You must feel like the Queen drinking out of those!
    Number 5 is too funny! How hot would the guy have to be for you to refer to him as a pound of pure tobacco? 🙂

    Poor little Elsie looks so miserable. I hope she feels better soon so she can have her ears properly chewed!

  3. Poor Elsie. Those eyes just make me melt. Glad her wound was not too serious.

    I never would have guessed you were an ex smoker. I tried a couple of cigarettes–clove and menthol–in my college years, but decided that my asthma didn’t feel too good after smoking.

    Wow–the Chris de Burgh story is really random. Now I’m going to have “Lady in Red” stuck in my head all night. Gahhhhh!

  4. Poor Elsie! Hope she gets some extra dog biscuits while she’s recuperating.

  5. Kiersten Says:

    Poor Elsie! I hope she’s feeling okay and heals soon.

    I love the flower cup and saucer, they’re so pretty.

  6. shellyfish Says:

    Poor Elsie – tell her I am sorry she has to wear that silly cone…at least I don’t have to wear one of those!
    I loved your facts! Chris de Burgh! wow! I do remember “Lady in Red” for when I was young! That champagne flute is just beautiful! And I loved your cigarette codes! Adorable!

  7. Vegetation Says:

    Oh no! Poor Elsie! My Charlotte (kitty) had to have one of those. She was in utter misery for 24 hours. After that she figured out how to get it off and I was in misery for the next week and a half chasing her around the house to put the thing back on!

    I love your facts 🙂 and congrats on quitting the ciggies. I know how tough that one was!

  8. Johanna Says:

    poor elsie – that look is enough to melt the hardest heart!

    thanks for another interesting meme – you might feel like there isn’t much left to say but you still manage to come up with some entertaining stories – always something to make me laugh and something that resonates with me – I didn’t have as many years between getting my license and actually driving but I had quite a few and understand how it is the experience rather than the piece of paper that helps you drive!

  9. Lisa Says:

    Awwww… those sad eyes. Poor girl. Glad it wasn’t anything worse, though. ;o)

  10. Andrea Says:

    Poor baby. I hope the cone comes off soon.

    Thanks for the great meme(ories). I have a feeling you’d never be at a loss for interesting stories no matter how many times you had to come up with seven random facts.

    Chris de Burgh? I’m sure I’m old enough, but I can’t place the name. Maybe I’m too old…

  11. Jes Says:

    Memorizing Beowulf in Old English doesn’t sound as crazy as it could…but it’s pretty darn crazy! I loved your answers to your meme; what pretty cups and flutes! Hope your pup feels better soon.

  12. amey Says:

    poor little elsie!
    our dog stevie wonder had to wear one of those for so long, poor thing. They really hate it, don’t they?

    I love the Chris de Burgh factoid. That’s a great thing to pull out of thin air!


  13. ttfn300 Says:

    oh no poor elsie!! at least you still remember 5 words 😉 hehe, gorgeous flute– HH’s got good taste! wow, valedictorian twice, i’m impressed (who knew you could actually turn that one down??) thanks for all the facts, always fun learning about everyone 🙂

  14. Celine Says:

    I missed this! poor Elsie baby…

  15. Courtney Says:

    I hope Elsie feels better soon and heals quickly!


  16. Lucy Says:

    I read this late last night and woke up twice hinking of your poor baby.

    I hope Elsie gets better and soon. Poppy sends her a large virtual hug and says, ‘Oh, the humilation…’.

    Happy weekend, my friend. I know your Thanksgiving was an age ago now, but it’s such a lovely concept for a holiday. Wish we had something similar here. So much to be thatnkful for.

  17. Lucy Says:

    Fingers bad.

    ‘thinking’ not ‘hinking’ and ‘thankful’ rather than ‘thatnkful’. Whatever that means…

  18. Ricki Says:

    You’re just TOO funny! I guess a REALLY hot guy would have had to be a cigar, or something! 😉

    Still Life,
    I was a latecomer to smoking (I seem to be a late bloomer in general), and didn’t even start until my mid-twenties. But then it stuck (I suppose I used it to keep weight off). Nowadays, I can’t imagine smoking any more, though!

    I can imagine what it was like chasing after the cat–the vet actually said we could take it off in the house as long as we watched to ensure she didn’t lick the wound, but I just knew it would be impossible to put it back on, so I’d rather feel sorry for her during the week for looking silly!

    Chris de Burgh is mostly famous for the slow-dance song, “Lady in Red.” Ring a bell?

    Tell Poppy “thanks”! I’m sure Elsie appreciates the hug (though I won’t mention the humiliation–why make her feel even worse?) 😉

  19. Liz Says:

    Henry is very sad to hear of Elsie’s injury. I hope she gets better soon! I know how nerve-wracking it can be to have your pooch get hurt 🙂

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