Have a Wonderful Holiday

December 25, 2008

To everyone celebrating today, whether Christmas or just time off–

Hope your holidays are joyful, relaxing, fun, filled with delicious food and in the company of loved ones!

[NB.  No dogs were harmed in the making of this photo, despite the fact that Chaser looks like a terrified deer in the headlightsShe really is a drama queen.]


“Oh, Mum, I always thought I was royalty!  Tell my subjects that Elsie and I send our very best wishes, too!  And I just can’t wait to go out and romp in the snow this holiday!  And maybe you and Dad got us some new toys this holiday, wouldn’t that be great?  And maybe we can get to go for some extra walks over the–“

“Zip it, Chaser, or we’ll never get that treat Mum promised us for wearing these ridiculous hats.  *Sigh.*”


34 Responses to “Have a Wonderful Holiday”

  1. ttfn300 Says:

    hehe, love the trees on chaser! MERRY CHRISTMAS Ricki!!

  2. Vegan_Noodle Says:

    Merry Christmas to you Ricki! Hope you have a wonderful day! (cute photo 🙂

  3. VeggieGirl Says:

    Love The Girls 😀


  4. So cute so cute so cute! We bought “headgear” for Molly and Henry too, and we put it on them just long enough to take a photo, then took it right off (so as not to be cruel!).

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Maureen Says:

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Shelby Says:


  7. Andrea Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and you family. (human and canine!) The girls look so festive — or is it “restive”?

  8. So adorable! Thanks for a good laugh and enjoy the special family time! My Scout is getting extra treats and walks too for the holiday.

  9. lisa Says:

    Chaser does indeed look terrified! What cuties they both are.

  10. russ Says:

    Happy christmas!!

  11. Megan Says:

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Johanna Says:

    hope you have had a lovely christmas (probably still christmas day there but it is boxing day here) – am sure elsie enjoys the silly hats more than the conehead!

  13. BitterSweet Says:

    Aw, they’re such good sports- My dog wouldn’t be caught dead in a costume!

    Happy holidays to you too, Ricki, I hope you have a good one! 🙂

  14. Vegetation Says:

    Awww I love them both! Have a Happy Christmas 🙂

  15. Joanna Says:

    omg you are so lucky your dogs will actually wear the hats. my dog forces it off herself before it’s even on her. either way, they look like they love it!! hehe

  16. amey Says:

    merry christmas!

  17. shellyfish Says:

    Super-cute holiday love! I hope they got their treats!

  18. Diann Says:

    Happy Holidays, Ricki! Thank you for so many wonderful recipes this year.

  19. Celine Says:

    happy holidays to you, Ricki! may the coming year be absolutely perfect for you and yours.

  20. sammyss Says:

    Aww, they’re beautiful! 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the holidays!

  21. alisamarie Says:

    So cute! Don’t worry, it is obvious that the reindeer is just doing a terrifi acting job. (belated) Merry Christmas!

  22. Ashley Says:

    Aw what cuties!! Hope you had a good Christmas. =)

  23. I hope you had a lovely Holiday, Ricki! OMG the girls are beyond adorable!

  24. jessy Says:

    your pups are too cute! i wish our pets would hold still long enough for fun dress up times.

    hope you had a wonderful holiday, Ricki!

    hugs & happyfaces!

  25. so glad the girls look healthy again! hope you had a great holiday.

  26. Lisa Says:

    So cuuuute! Hope you had a great holiday!

  27. Jenn S Says:

    Thanks, Ricki!
    My best friend’s family was also in the Bay, so we had a big Jew Christmas Dinner feast. It was rad.
    I hope your holiday throw-down was delicious and festive 🙂

  28. What a cute picture! I love how dogs actually posed when you take pictures of them!

  29. Chris Says:

    Hey! I just discovered your blog and am really impressed. Your recipes all look so professional and elegant, yet rely on simple, everyday ingredients.

    Happy Holidays to you too! 🙂

  30. Maureen Says:

    Hey Ricki! I posted my attempt at your sweet-potato black bean quinoa bites: http://madaboutudon.wordpress.com/2008/12/28/my-belated-christmas-dinner-post-and-some-other-fun-stuff/

    Thanks again for the idea!

  31. Laura Says:

    Belated Merry Christmas…your black lab looks a lot like my black lab. : ) Hope you had a great New Years!

  32. Susan Says:

    As cute as ever!

    Happy New Year to you, HH and The Girls!

  33. veganhomemade Says:

    Your doggies are TOO cute! Merry belated Christmas!

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