Yes, We Candy (Big Announcement Number Two*)

January 22, 2009

* (Originally Number One, but I was waylaid by Tuesday’s astounding news!)

Before I get to the “Big Announcement” originally scheduled for yesterday, I just want to say THANK YOU once again to every reader of this blog, to those of you who voted for me in the Food Blog Awards (and if you haven’t yet–please do!), and especially for your amazing, uplifting, supportive and heartfelt comments.  I’m still in a bit of shock, frankly, even being on the same list as those others, but one thing is certain:  DDD wins hands down for best readers of the five finalists.  So hugs to you all, and thank you.  (And if you’re here from the voting page, you might like to read this first to see some sample blog entries. )

Now, back to blogging.

Really, you guys are so great that I think YOU deserve an award.  And so, time for ME to offer a couple of prizes to YOU! 


In honor of Tuesday’s historically transformative event (Obama’s, not mine), I’ve decided to present my own little contribution to US-Canada relations. 

Some of you may have heard (though I doubt it) that CBC Radio compiled a list of the 49 top songs north of the 49th parallel (ie, by Canadian artists)  to bestow upon President Obama as a gift for his inauguration.  (Honestly, do they think he cares? I have a feeling the guy’s got other things on his mind at the moment).  I must admit, though, I was surprised to see how many iconic American songs were actually written by Canadians.

Well, in honour of the new Mr. and Mrs. President,  I’ve decided to offer my own little cross-border gift.  It’s my way of saying, “hey, neighbor!” to those of you south of the world’s longest undefended border (and those of you within the Canadian border, too, if you happen to win the contest).  Actually, I’m giving away six prizes!

***** THAT’S RIGHT: SIX (6) PRIZES TO BE WON!****** 

(There!  Are we all in a contest-induced frenzy yet? No?  Okay, you can go vote instead!)  And then, consider this:



SIX ! ! ! ! ! !

Un deux trois quatre cinq six

6 6 6 6 6 6



Here’s what you can win:


(And I am really, REALLY sorry that I can’t send beyond that undefended border; but the Canadian postal system is pretty wacky and not all that efficient, and it would take far too long to get to you–not to mention it would cost me three months’ salary).


You may have read on Mihl’s blog a while back that the Ritter Sport people (who make a few very fine vegan chocolates) have, in their infinite wisdom, altered their peppermint formula so that it’s no longer vegan. 

Well, darned if there isn’t at least one advantage to living up here in the snowy north: since our stock doesn’t sell as fast as it does in the States (what with only 1/10 the population), those minty bars are all over the place on our grocery store shelves!  I double-checked the ingredients to be sure these were the “old” forumla, and then grabbed a whole stack of bars. 

And I can’t wait to send them along to FIVE (5) lucky readers! To win one, just follow the contest rules, at the end of this post.

I got this idea from Amey, who held the first contest a while back–and of which I was one of the lucky recipients.  So I can vouch that these bars are fabulous–dark, with a rich chocolate coating and smooth, creamy, sweet, pepperminty filling.  Mmmm.  Thanks again, Amey!  Hope you win one this time. 🙂


(Again, how I wish I could extend the boundaries of this one, but you’ll see why I can’t in a moment).

[Chocolate Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies]

As many of you know, I’ve just completed the manuscript for my upcoming cookbook, Sweet Freedom.  (According to my publisher, it should be available mid-April; I’m hoping that’s a firm date!). 

[Butterscotch Blondies with Chocolate Chips and Dried Cherries]

The recipes are all free of wheat, eggs, dairy and refined sweeteners–in other words, all are vegan, kosher-friendly, lactose free and casein free;  and many are gluten free. 

And here’s your chance to experience the delectable taste of goodies made with these whole,  healthy ingredients first hand!  

[Lemon-Blueberry Scones;  or variation of Orange Pistachio] 

To help you become familiar with the types of desserts in the book, I’m giving away a prize pack of homebaked (by yours truly) goodies from recipes in the book.  

[Raw Fig and Cherry Bars]

I’ll bake up any five types of cookie, bar, muffin or biscuit from those pictured on this page (and those listed at the bottom).  As the winner, you get to choose which five you’d like! Then, I’ll deliver them to you, within the general Toronto area (Lake Ontario to the south; Highway 427 to the west; Highway 9 to the north; Highway 48 to the east). 


[Fruity Cereal Chews]

If you live within those boundaries–or if you’re willing to meet me at an agreed-upon location within them–you’re eligible to win the prize pack! 

[GF Coconut Macaroons on the left; GF Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies on the right]

Because these are freshly baked and hand-delivered, I’m afraid I can’t send them through the mail.  (I did try, once, to send my goodies to the States and they were stale, broken and really unappetizing by the time they arrived, so I’ve ruled that out this time).

[Seed Jumble Cookies]

I actually have no idea how many of you live in the Toronto area (I’m woefully deficient in techy skills so don’t know those stats).  But think of it this way: if there are only three of you, your chances of winning just increased exponentially!  


 [Ultra Fudgy Brownies]



[Triple- C Cookies (Cashew, Carob, Cardamom)]

To win either of the prizes, all you need to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post, any time between now and January 30th. (Oh, and vote for me on the Food Blog Awards, or your entry is disqualified).


But you did look rather pale there for a second. 


[Chocolate Chip Cookies]

To be eligible for the Sweet Freedom package, please indicate your five choices in your comment so I know you’re entering for that prize (and you’re still eligible for the chocolate bars, too!)

You can also receive an additional entry, just by mentioning the contest on your own blog (with a link back to this post).  Be sure to let me know you’ve mentioned it, though, either through a trackback or through your comment here.


[Cinnamon Coffee Toffee Bars]

Remember, the contest will be open until midnight on January 30th.  Once a winner is selected, I’ll get in touch and we can determine the delivery date together (some time mid-February. . . a Valentine’s Day treat, perhaps?)


[Carrot Raisin Oatmeal Cookies]

And the recipes for every one of the treats pictured here will be in the book.


[Ginger-Coconut Cookies]

Here are a few other choices for the prize package: 

Maple-Walnut Cookies

GF Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pear and Ginger Mini Loaves or Muffins

Pumpkinseed Shortbread Cookies

Hazelnut Mocha Cookies

I’d love to bake for you!  So go ahead and leave those comments, and let me know which goodies you’d like in your gift pack! (And don’t forget, if you have a blog, you can enter again by mentioning the contest and linking to this page on your own blog).

And if you’re not in the Toronto area, don’t worry–I’ll be holding one Sweet Freedom-related contest every month, right up until the book comes out.

Oh, and I promise to post an actual recipe next time.

Last Year at this Time: Mini Sweet Potato and Chocolate Chip Muffins

© 2009 Diet, Dessert and Dogs


121 Responses to “Yes, We Candy (Big Announcement Number Two*)”

  1. Megan Says:

    Leave a comment? That’s all?

    This is the easiest contest I’ve ever entered. And the prize is chocolate! This is the best contest ever!

  2. Vegan_Noodle Says:

    Tempting to move to Toronto…. what a fun contest Ricki! You are such a sweetheart for offering up some of the last vegan peppermint ritter sport bars.

  3. VeggieGirl Says:


  4. What a great way to celebrate the occasion!

  5. limeandlemon Says:

    wow all the cookies look soo delicious .. love the photos .. Laila ..

  6. Jes Says:

    What a fun give-away! I’m just glad Leonard Cohen made it on the top 49 north of the 49th parallel list! ‘T would be a shame otherwise. And I’ve mentioned you on my blog. 🙂

  7. […] in honor of the inauguration (even though she’s Canadian, hooray for great neighbors!): Yes We Candy!  You can win some absolutely mouthwatering-looking Ritter Sport still-vegan peppermint chocolates […]

  8. Shannon Says:

    Omg… my boyfriend is a die-hard Ritter Sport fan.. AND a HUGENORMOUS mint fan. He had no idea they combined the two!!!

    I must must get some for him!

  9. Lori Says:

    These prizes sound great! I also put a link on my website to this.

    I love your photos, too!

    A generous contest.

  10. Shelley Says:

    Wow, your baked goodies look awesome! I wish I lived in TO…I’ll have to get your book when it comes out!

  11. I WANAN ENTER I WANNA ENTER!!!! ( and i voted for you already as you know 🙂 ))

    I Will be linking your page on my page 🙂

  12. Kiersten Says:

    Wow, I wish I was in the Toronto area because all your baked goods look incredible.

    It’s so nice that you’re doing a contest for your readers.

  13. Josiane Says:

    I hadn’t heard of the Obama playlist put together by the CBC. Reading about it, I was wondering how well music from Quebec would be represented, and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw the list!
    I’ve just bought a plane ticket to go and visit Vancouver in February. Now, you make me regret that I didn’t chose to buy one for Toronto instead! It would have been great to visit la Ville reine again, but even greater to meet you and be treated to your baked goodies!
    (I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and though I’m usually a quiet reader, I come out of lurkdom once in a while… While I’m here, I’ll simply add that I really enjoy reading your blog.)

  14. tahinitoo Says:

    Oh my goodness!!! You have made me wish for treats all day now with the glorious photos you posted!!!! Brownies and blondies and cookies and bars…

    It is so kind of you to have a fun contest in honor of our the new US president! Sweet Freedom indeed!

    I’m voting for you in justa moment!

  15. I never knew Ritter Sport made a peppermint chocolate bar!!! Best. Combination. EVER!

    You are truly awesome for having these giveaways!

  16. Andie Beard Says:

    Wonderful website! I would give my right leg to live within the Toronto area for some– any– all– of those delectables! You have a very inspiring food blog and I have learned some techniques from it! Cheers!

  17. fleur Says:

    woah, I want a copy of that book

  18. Lisa Says:

    I love baked goods. And I live in Toronto! Yay for me – I’m eligible for both contests. Here are my choices for the five baked goodies I’d choose if I win (a hard choice to make, I have to say)…

    Coconut Macaroons
    Cashew chocolate chip cookies
    Lemon blueberry scones
    Ginger coconut cookies
    Pear and ginger mini loafs

    Mmmm … I hope I win, ‘cuz now I’m craving all of them.

  19. Shelby Says:

    I am so freakin jealous! All of the treats look HEAVENLY!!! I can’t wait until your book comes out =)

  20. maie p Says:

    Hi Ricki, Love the photos, looking forward to your new book.
    These are my choices:
    raw fig & cherry bar
    fruity cereal chews
    seed jumble cookies
    ultra fudgy brownies
    cinnamon coffee toffee bars.
    See you soon, m

  21. Vegyogini Says:

    I didn’t get the memo that my beloved peppermint Ritter Sports were no longer vegan! I’m so sad about this. 😦 Am I eligible to enter the contest? And I’m jealous that a lucky Torontonian gets to meet you in person and eat your hand-baked treats! That IS Sweet Freedom!

  22. Gina Says:

    No fair, I want to live in the Toronto area now!!

    I guess I will just have to settle on entering for the Ritter Sport…at least mint and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations!!

  23. irene Says:

    mmm, baked goods, even better…”healthy baked goods”…
    new to your website and i love, love, love it!!!
    Thank god i live in the TO area so I can enter!

    lemon blueberry scones
    cashew chocolate chip cookies
    ultra fudgy brownies
    cinnamon coffee toffee bars
    triple c-cookies

  24. jessy Says:

    oooooooooooh! hooray! i love that Ritter Sport! fingers crossed!

    you’re teasing me with all these baked awesomenesses! mmmmmmmmm! Ricki, you’re the best! i wish i lived closer to you!

  25. shellyfish Says:

    Snif, snif! I’m sorry, but I’m too busy feeling sorry for myself to leave a comment right now. 😦

    But I still love you!

  26. veganlisa Says:

    Ah ha! A chance to test out those treats before Sweet Freedom’s release…woo hoo.
    I’m doing the “I live in Toronto’ dance at my desk!

    My top 5 would be:
    Cinnamon coffee toffee bars
    Ginger coconut cookies
    Raw fig and cherry bars
    Hazelnut mocha cookies
    Pear and ginger muffins

    Now I have to keep my fingers crossed until the 30th. Good luck everyone and thank you in advance, Ricki, for you generosity and fabulous recipes.

  27. Sinnora Says:

    Wow!!! all look so delicious that its got me hungry. I can wait to taste them and then bake them. Very interesting.

    Looking forward to
    cashew chocolate chip cookies
    ultra fudgy brownies
    cinnamon coffee toffee bars
    Hazelnut mocha cookies
    raw fig & cherry bar

  28. Michelle Says:

    I’ve already been lucky enough to try some of these, but I admit, i’m a junkie for Ricki’s baking! Just can’t get enough of a great thing, right? : )

  29. Oh my! While I don’t live in Toronto, I cannot wait until this book comes out- all of these baled goods look sooo great (and gluten-free recipes, too? I’m sold!).

  30. Jane Says:

    mmm i love the chocolate and mint combination!

  31. Sandra Says:

    Wow! how yummy.
    my fave five:
    chocolate chip cookies (no brainer!)
    raw fig and cherry bar
    cinnamon, toffee coffee bars
    ginger-coconut cookies

  32. Ashley Cameron Says:

    Congrads on the book. I can’t wait to buy it.

  33. Stacy Says:

    Oh how I wish I lived in Toronto! Everything looks heavenly.

  34. Courtney Says:

    I haven’t wanted to live in Canada so badly since Bush got reelected! Yum–home baked treats by Ricki?!

    Alas, I live in the US, so I will go for the Ritter Sport–which I have never actually had before. I love contests–even though I never win anything!

    PS Congrats again on the nomination for the blog award! That is so cool! I am going to go see if it will let me vote for you again…

  35. Ellie Says:

    I found you when I was linked through another blog to the voting website and O.M.G. Vegan happiness. Though not a vegan myself I feed many vegans and am always looking to find and share good vegan recipies and this blog makes me happy. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to your book!

  36. Amanda Says:

    *could cry im so happy I’m in T.O* 😉


    raw fig and cherry
    fruity cereal chews
    seed jumble
    carrot raisin oatmeal cookies
    aaaaaaaaaaaaand lemon blueberry scones


  37. Amanda Says:

    OH ps–I linked you!

  38. Amanda Says:

    um pps.. I forgot my URL… Earthly Delight here. heh

  39. moonduster Says:

    Love this contest! Oh and I’ll be linking to the contest in my blog.

  40. Louise Says:

    Congratulations on your great news! Love your baked goods. My mouth is watering. Your pictures are wonderful. Looking forward to getting your book.
    . Raw fig and cherry bars
    . cashew chocolate chip cookies
    . ultra fudgy brownies
    . cinnamon coffee toffee bars
    . seed jumble
    There are so many to choose from.
    Don’t have a blog, but I’d link you if I had one.

  41. Delia Says:

    I just discovered your blog on the Food Blog Awards website. Very cool!

  42. Andrea Says:

    I wonder if the population of Toronto will increase after this blog post starts spreading! Alas, we may be moving closer to Canada but farther from Toronto, but for now, still in the Midwest. Still thrilled by the Inauguration.

  43. Hayley Says:

    I’m so jealous of your Toronto readers, those goodies look incredible! But I’ll definately take some chocolate. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck with the award!

  44. Sarah Says:

    How kind of you! Mmmm, mint.

    Your baked goods look delicious, by the way.

    And.. I voted for you again. 🙂

  45. Marsha Says:

    Ricki, great news about your book! I haven’t baked in such a long time, but you truly have inspired me! Your recipes are wonderful….. and your chocolate brownies are the best!!!

    Wishing you great success with your new cookbook, Sweet Freedom. Can’t wait to get a copy!!

  46. Oh my gosh, all of those desserts! I can’t wait for your cookbook to come out. Really wishing I lived in Toronto right now!

  47. Tinker Says:

    Oh I’m so jealous of everybody living in Toronto… I’m waiting for your cookbook so I can try making all those sweets myself!

    Thanks Ricki!

  48. Let’s see–how much do plane tickets to Toronto cost? 😉

  49. Sandy Says:

    Hi Ricki,

    Looking forward to your new book!

    I love the following goodies should I be fortunate enough to win:

    Brownies (no nuts, we have some sensitivities)
    Lemon-blueberry scones
    Chocolate chip cookies
    Carrot oatmeal cookies
    ginger-coconut cookies

    If you are still in Richmond Hill, I live really close to you…easy and cheap delivery!

  50. Kay Says:

    What a generous and delicious contest!

    I’m so excited to be in the Toronto area. 🙂

    Raw fig and cherry bars
    Seed jumble cookies
    Lemon blueberry scones
    Pear & Ginger mini-loaves
    Triple C cookies

  51. Johanna Says:

    Sigh – if only Australia wasn’t so far away and our customs were so particular ahout what they let in (I think they would confiscate your goodies just so they could eat them themselves – E has a theory they auction off confiscated goods on ebay)

    I am sure obama would enjoy these more than the top songs – though he does like to groove!

  52. Carolynn Tersigni Says:

    Hi Ricki
    I love the name of your new book!
    Congratulations on all your success.
    This contest is a great idea and can’t wait to see the cookbook.
    All the Best

  53. Carolynn Tersigni Says:

    Hi Ricki
    I got so excited about wishing you well, I forgot my favourites list

    Looking forward to winning your…..
    lemon blueberry scones
    raw fig/ cherry bars
    ultra fudgy brownies
    chocolate chip cookies
    carrot raisin oatmeal cookies

  54. Kristin Says:


  55. Diann Says:

    I know I got to test some of these recipes, but I must say have never wanted to live in Toronto more than I do right this minute! The winners don’t know how lucky they are! And when your book comes out, it will be everyone’s new favorite.

  56. Hey neighbor! Oh how I wish we lived in Toronto! Lucky, lucky Torontoans… Torontoneers… Toront… *googles it*… Torontonians!! 🙂

    Chocolate!! That is the best prize imaginable! YAY! If I win it, then it will be my birthday present because it’s in February. Oh Ricki, you are so pretty! (just in case sucking up helps)

    Hey, you’re gaining some serious ground with the votes! I’m trying to get a blog post out tonight with a link to the voting page, but my eyes are getting so heavy. I think I need some chocolate to wake me up! 🙂

    No Bryan Adams on the Obama music list! What is this world coming to?

  57. ttfn300 Says:

    What a lovely giveaway!! too bad i’m not in toronto…

  58. Kim Says:

    Wow, all of your pictures look so delicious Ricki! And I’m happy to hear that you’ve completed the manuscript for your book. I’m excited to read it!

    And I’m feeling very lucky to live in the Toronto area at the moment.

    Here are my choices for the contest:

    Cinnamon Coffee Toffee Bars
    Butterscotch Blondies with Chocolate Chips and Dried Cherries
    Orange Pistachio scones
    Maple-Walnut Cookies
    Hazelnut Mocha Cookies

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  59. Frannie Says:

    Yay for this contest and yay for your book!! I can’t wait to get my own copy. I’ve voted for you on the food blog awards, AND made a post on my food blog just about you and this contest and your book! Hope to send many readers your way.

    HOPE I WIN!!! 😀

    p.s. my pick of baked goodies are:
    1) Chocolate Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
    2) Butterscotch Blondies with Chocolate Chips and Dried Cherries
    3) Lemon-Blueberry Scones
    4) GF Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies
    5) Cinnamon Coffee Toffee Bars
    oh, yummm…….

  60. Jon Says:

    Seeing those pictures is bringing back mouth-watering memories of the last Butterscotch Blondie I ate – a year is really far to long between healthy treats.

    Congrats on finishing the manuscript!

  61. Georgia Says:

    wow I wish I lived in Toronto area. oh well – just means I will have to wait for the cookbook 😦

    I think it is a wonderful idea doing this though. Have a great weekend

  62. Sal Says:

    damn, wishing I lived in Toronto now!!

  63. Shelby Says:

    Ricki- Yeah, the Great Chef’s Cook Vegan book is for sure a little fancier than everyday meals. It requires lots of steps and it tells you how to plate it all fancy haha. I don’t know if I will make anything out of it but the pictures are beautiful.

  64. Leo Says:

    WOW, what an amazing contest! Where are you in Toronto? I workout at a gym in Rosedale called Roland Semprie Rosedale, and they will be seeing a lot more of me if I win this contest! Have you ever been there? They do a lot of amazing juices and smoothies and stuff that is in line with some of your yummy looking vegan recipes and stuff. Cheers!!

  65. Astra Libris Says:

    Ricki, you are SO sweet!! You are absolutely amazing! Firstly, tons of congratulations hugs – I am SO excited about your nomination!! Such a well deserved event – you’re a shoe-in!! I just voted for you, of course… 🙂

    I absolutely cannot wait until your book comes out!! Is there a way I can pre-order one so I’ll be able to have it the first day it’s on the shelves? I’ve already told Zach that your cookbook is what I want for my birthday… 🙂

    Now, do you think I could convince Zach that we should move to Toronto? 😉 Really, your cookies are truly a reason to move!! They’re works of art!

  66. What a fun contest, with the chance for you to meet a Toronto area reader/blogger too! Sounds like fun. And the chocolates sound like delicious giveaways too. I’ve never tried them before!

  67. bee Says:

    congratulations, dear ricki.

  68. Ricki, what a great contest! I’ll pass on the bars and as I do live in the GTA I’d like to enter to have you treat my family and I to the following: Coconut macaroons, lemon,blueberry scones, fig & cherry bars, Jumble cookies, cereal chews….it was hard to reduce my list to 5!!
    Can’t wait for your book!!
    p.s you’ll be on my website when it is up and running in about 5 weeks.

  69. Lisa Says:

    Well, it’s hard for me to look pales, since I have dark skin, but anyway.

  70. Melinda Says:

    YUMMY! And good luck on the award, and congrats you were nominated!!
    I live in T.O. and am so happy about it. My list, in no particular order, is:
    Cinnamon coffee toffee bars
    Ultra Fudgy brownies
    coconut macaroons
    Butterscotch Blondies
    Chocolate Mint Chocolate Chip cookies

    Can’t wait for your book too!

  71. Judith Says:

    Hey Ricki!
    Who else could get this Luddite first, to read a blog, and secondly to post a comment on one.
    Just to let your readers know, Ricki is not only a tremendous cook (I’ve tasted a lot of these goodies), but also a great teacher of cooking (I took one of her workshops,) and literature (she’s my colleague).

    Her sense of humour shines through in her writing, but she’s really a very serious blond!! No kidding.

    Oh right, this is just suppose to be a comment.
    P.S. I voted.

  72. barbara t Says:

    yes please! everything looks so amazing. I’d be honored to have you cook for me ; ) all my fingers are crossed.

  73. Everything, please. I’ll fly to Toronto. 😛

  74. Maggie Says:

    Awesome!!! Everything looks delicious.

  75. Gina Says:

    I totally linked to this today! I’m still so drooling and wishing I had moved to Toronto for the winter. Okay, I’m a cold weenie, so that’s a lie, but you know what I mean 🙂

  76. natalia Says:

    OH noooo ! I live too far ! I wish ,really I could move closer but it is impossible at the moment !! A prize will be a recipe soon for me !!

  77. Rosalyn Says:

    Ricki: You go girl. So impressive and congratulations. The book, the recipes, the photos, the concept. Sweet Freedom to you and HH. Love, Rosalyn

  78. Vee Says:

    mmm, I can’t wait to get a hold of this book! My choices are chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! I hope being in Toronto pays off here!

  79. Kevin Says:

    Just look at all of those amazing goodies!

  80. Clea Says:

    Oooh I really want some! Of everything! Well, not the baked goods, since I’m American (unfortunately)

  81. Amey Says:

    oh my gosh!
    what a great mega-contest Ricki! That’s awesome. Too bad I don’t live in Toronto… I love the idea of a home baked delivery. 🙂 But I’ll definitely enter for the Ritter Sport! Wouldn’t that be funny if I won?
    Congrats on the award nomination!

  82. Kelly Turner Says:

    GREAT. Now i want cookies. damn food porn…

    Kelly Turner

  83. janani Says:

    Yay! Chocolat!!!!

  84. krunsdogs Says:

    I voted for you as soon as I found out. I, like all the others wish I lived in Toronto. Still, 5 great chocolate bars would help to ease the pain. I am really looking forward to your cookbook “Sweet Freedom”!!

  85. Susan G Says:

    Holy smokes, Ricki! I will buy your book just for that blondie recipe! Good luck!

  86. claire Says:

    Yay Chocolate, yum!!!!

  87. Lysy Says:

    Congratulations on your award nomination!!! I hope you win! Your photos are drool-worthy – can’t wait for the cookbook to come out. Will that be available for shipping overseas?

  88. kickpleat Says:

    Congrats on your nomination, I tried to vote but it said it was deactivated. I’ll have to try again, cuz dammit, I love me some Ritter Sport! Of course I’ll be in the Toronto area come the first or second week of February too!

  89. wow, what fun! totally jazzed to win, I usually don’t win random contests. too bad you can’t mail your yummies, I’ve not been up to baking lately and miss my treats.

  90. Hi Ricki,
    Wow! I can’t wait to see your new cookbook. What decadent pleasure it will bring to my normally ho-hum desert-free gluten-free regime.
    I’d love to try your lemon-blueberry scones, cashew chocolate-chip cookies, triple-C cookies, seed-jumble cookies, and cinnamon-coffee-toffee bars.
    I just discovered Ritter bars before Christmas, and they are soooo good.
    Good luck with the Cookbook. It is sorely needed!

  91. Katie Says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for providing a chance to enjoy some yummy vegan chocolate.

    By the way, I live in the US.

  92. […] like me who hates the cold, that’s beyond Why, you may ask? Because Ricki is giving away home baked goodies from her new cookbook, but only to locals. Those further out may have to settle for Ritter sport […]

  93. Nancy Trudel Says:

    I’m really looking foward to see your new cook book!

  94. Karen Says:

    Mmmm, I love your blog and must enter to win!!! 🙂

  95. TJF Says:

    Thanks for the chance for some chocolate! Love the blog!

  96. Hayley Says:

    Just linked back to this contest on my site! Thanks Again!

  97. Kelly Says:

    The treats look both delicious and healthy. I’m excited for your book… and the chance to win some chocolate. 😉 Good luck with the contest!

  98. pietra Says:

    Winning and chocolate, this is my lucky day!! …and a book!!

  99. Leslie Says:

    Wow, all those pictures look so yummy! Can’t wait to get the book and try some of those recipes out myself.

    Mmmm… chocolate prizes… 🙂

  100. Crystal Says:

    I still havn’t been able to find the peppermint/marzipan Ritter sport that everyone seems to be raving about these days. Poop.
    Oh well, you goodies appeal MUCH more to me anyways.
    Mmmm, home made is where the heart is..and stomach too.

  101. Kelsey Says:

    too bad I’m not in the Toronto area :[ those baked yumyums looks so wonderful! So, I may just end up buying the book instead! Great contest!

  102. Claudia Says:

    I would love to be entered for the Ritter Sport giveaway. I have no idea where to get them and have never even tried them! Many thanks!

  103. Nina on the North Coast Says:

    HI Ricki,

    Congratulations on your nomination! It’s exciting to have some major recognition in the blog-world where there are a bazillion folks doing interesting, funny and (I hope) well-done writing in so many areas. Not that I have explored that much, but that’s what I hear…Anyway, Great job! (Sorry you didn’t win..) I personally really enjoy your comments AND the generous, terrific recipes- you’re only the second blog I’ve actually read regularly – it was frankly the incorporation of your girldogs into the writing that attracted and reeled me in, I share much of your enthusiam about dogs and maybe about life in general: although I’m not a vegan, but a vegetarian, a foodie AND an aspiring (too-much-aspiration,not-enough-perspiration) writer as well..

    Okay, enough about me. Yes, I want to enter the contest, and I am a resident of ‘the lower 48’ so I’ll sign on for the ‘border-crossing’special of those lovely-sounding mint bars. Sorry to take so much room here (or really your TIME- you could’ve read 3 or 4 posts by now!) Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog and your amazingly delicious-n-creative recipes so keep it up ( and the doggie ‘comments’ too -so cute, so apt! I loved the one about their being a bit sad after the CFO left..) Thanks! Looking forward to your new cookbook.

    Nina in Cleveland, Ohio (only 5 hours from Toronto…)

    P.S. That Canadian playlist for Obama sounds like a killer! Any idea where it’s posted?

  104. Jennifer Says:

    Those chocolate bars look fantastic!!

  105. Jillian Says:

    I’d love to win, these look so yummy!

  106. Nina on the North Coast Says:

    Its Nina again..Just ignore that last P.S. I found the link,(ooops!) right where you’d think it would be. Thanks, Ricki.

  107. applec Says:

    Everything looks too good. Anything and everything is my pick.

  108. radioactivegan Says:

    Well, it seems worth moving to toronto for that second prize, but I’d definitely settle for a Rittersport 🙂 I’m really looking forward to your book!

  109. […] to Diet Dessert N Dogs, leave a comment and your in!  There are six yum-a-licious […]

  110. Maureen Says:

    Argh! I’m having internet issues, so sorry if I commented twice.

    GO TEAM TORONTO!! Whoo whoo, I’m a 416-er. Can I enter both contests?

    my picks: everything!

    Okay, if I have to pick 5…
    -pear and ginger muffins
    -hazlenut mocha cookies
    -butterscotch blondies
    -raw fig and cherry bars
    -cinnamon coffee toffee bars

  111. reva Says:

    Yum, what an exciting contest!

    My picks are:

    Chocolate Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Butterscotch Blondies with Chocolate Chips and Dried Cherries
    Lemon-Blueberry Scones; or variation of Orange Pistachio
    Ultra Fudgy Brownies
    Seed Jumble Cookies

  112. Pattie T Says:

    Your food photos are making me drool. Seriously. Actual moisture.

  113. I wanted home-baked goodies and all I got was Ritter Sport. Just kidding … I would still love to win as I have never had the peppermint ones, and it sounds like this may be my last chance!

    Count me for two entries, I will post this up on my blog in a few hours for sure!

  114. Jessica Says:

    Sounds like a fantastic contest! I’m in!!

  115. Monika K Says:

    Holy baked goods, Batman! I’d love a shot at some of your sweet desserts! When I first started reading this post, I tried to think of a cookie recipe that I could submit for the contest, but then I realized all I had to do was leave a comment – hot dang! As for picking just five…how about the Ginger Coconut Cookies, Hazelnut Mocha Cookies, Lemon Blueberry Scones, Coconut Macaroons, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. My mouth is watering already… (-:

  116. ikkinlala Says:

    What a fun contest! It almost makes me wish I lived in Toronto (but I’m not a city person).

  117. […] on the horizon, which are adult-friendly too! Plus, Ricki over at Diet, Dessert, and Dogs has a chocolate and baked goodies giveaway going on now … but hurry, today is the last day for […]

  118. Cami Says:

    BRILLIANT!… and what an exciting looking cookbook! I’ll be waiting with baited anticipation to purchase it! Count me in for this contest!

    CHEERS to you!

  119. Dana Stacy Says:

    Wow, no random act of kindness here — it’s premeditated all the way!!! How sweet of you!! I’d take anything you wanted to bake/make and send. Whoever wins is one lucky dessert lover 🙂 Thanks!!!!

  120. Jessie Says:

    I’d like to enter for the first part! (Unfortunately I live in the US, otherwise I’d go for some homemade cookies, too….). Neat!

  121. Kathleen Says:

    How I wish I lived in Toronto! I am looking forward to the release of your cookbook, especially having seen all those tasty looking goodies!
    I guess I will just have to settle for a chance at some chocolate, not so bad I have to say!

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