Please Standby

March 11, 2009

I’m going to be dashing around town for the next couple of days, doing cooking classes (short notice, but if you’re in the Toronto area, I’ll be at the Bayview/Sheppard Loblaws tonight at 7:00–would love to meet you!), and then my friend Babe is coming to town tomorrow, so I won’t have much time for cooking (except for other people, that is). 

When we were undergraduates, my friend Babe had a roster of what she called “permadates.”  These were straight guys who were no more than friends, but were willing to stand in whenever a male presence was required–at a work function, say, a family wedding or bar mitzvah, a school reunion, etc.  She’d call up the permadate and he was always happy to receive a free meal, free booze, and maybe some dancing in exchange for allowing Babe hang on to his rippled bicep and elbow for the evening.  A win-win!

I think the same concept extends to foods as well.  Don’t we all have our own favored dishes, the go-to recipes that we whip up when we need something that will impress, will look good and taste good–and which won’t expect any “favors” at the end of the evening?  These are the “permadishes,” the old standbys that never disappoint.

I’ve been relying a lot on “candida standbys”–simple foods that are compatible with the ACD–this week.  A lettuce wrap here, some baked tofu (without soy sauce, of course) there, here a roasted veggie, there a baked sweet potato, raw almonds and pumpkin seeds everywhere. 

Then I realized I’ve already got quite a few candida-friendly dishes right here on this blog–dishes that are already in my repertoire, but happen to be suitable for the ACD.  These are great for anyone who’s battling candida, but even more, for anyone who’s seeking a cleaner, less toxic, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting diet as well. 

Until I cook again, I’ll leave you with some of these reliable favorites.  Nothing like a good permadish to get you through a busy week!


Mum, how about considering us permadogs?  You know you can count on us.  And of course I always rely on my big sister to take good care of me, too.” 

“Aw, zip it, Chaser–you’re making me blush.”



21 Responses to “Please Standby”

  1. Liz Says:

    You were reading my mind — weren’t you? I was just thinking that I needed to go to your blog to figure out what I was going to have for dinner tonight and healthy options abound in this wonderful post. You shouldn’t have 😉

    Have a great time at your class and a fun time with Babe!

    And the girls look as cute as ever.

  2. Courtney Says:

    Thanks for the list–that is a huge help!

    Good luck with the cooking class tonight. I am sure it will go great :o) Have a nice visit with your friend!


  3. Jes Says:

    That’s a really good list! Have fun with the cooking classes!

  4. shellyfish Says:

    Humm…that Balti Tofu may be a tasty treat. I don’t know what I’d do without all these amazing blogs giving me yummy food ideas!
    Have a great visit with B and have a wonderful class – chouette!

  5. Vegyogini Says:

    I wish I could take your class (or be your sous-chef!)! Have fun running around and spending time with Babe. 🙂

  6. Heather Says:

    i love your dogs!!!!!! they’re so adorable 🙂

  7. Andrea Says:

    We’ve been living on permadishes too. That’s not so bad with so many to choose from, but it makes posting harder.

    Have a great time with your dear friend.

  8. Lovely recipes. Best of luck (if that’s the appropriate thing to say) on your diet! My favorite perma-dish is linguine in a pureed asparagus stalk and Parmesan sauce. Very light and super easy, but it keeps the guests wondering if it’s a pesto or a tomato sauce gone horribly wrong! 🙂

  9. enjoy the classes! That’s very cool. And give your dogs a hug from me, they are adorable.

  10. Permadates? That is BRILLIANT! I suppose I had a short list of permadates when I was single, but I feel I missed out thinking of them like that. I will do like you and think of my “tried and true” as “permadates” from now on.

  11. Diann Says:

    Have fun, Ricki! And thanks for pointing us to some of your great permadishes!

  12. jessy Says:

    totally going to check out those favorites! have fun!

  13. Here’s what I’m going to do. First, find myself a free printer off Craigslist. No office to go to means no printer access–damn! And THEN I’m going to print out every recipe you just listed. Thanks lady!

  14. Hayley Says:

    Cooking classes! I wish I were in Canada! I love the idea of permadates, and dishes. I can’t wait to go exploring what you have posted here, they all sound so delicious. Thanks Ricki!

  15. VeggieGirl Says:

    Hope all is well, dear Ricki!!

  16. Ricki Says:

    Glad to be of service! And thanks for the good wishes–we had a lovely dinner (which I’ll post about anon!). 🙂

    Thanks so much! The class was lots of fun. 🙂

    Thanks! I usually do enjoy them–cooking when I don’t have to clean up–what could be better??

    It was a yummy dish, as I recall. I have the same problem–too many great dishes on other blogs I want to try out!

    I wish you could, too! What fun that would be. 🙂

    Aww, thanks! Of course I think so, but I have to assume I’m biased 😉

    Thanks–we had a lovely time. But I know what you mean about the posting dilemma!

    Your permadish sounds terrific! I will have to give it a try once I’m off this cursed ACD!!

    Hugs given (well, more than once!) 😉

    Joie de vivre,
    Whatever you called ’em, it’s great that they were there for you!

    Thanks! Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

    Hope you find something you like!

    Good luck! Have you heard of freecycle? People give away stuff they no longer need (for free)–I’ve seen lots of printers on the lists.

    Thanks so much! Permadates are pretty handy, indeed! Hope you like the recipes. 🙂

    Hanging in there, thanks! 🙂

  17. Celine Says:

    have fun and be safe, Ricki!

  18. melody Says:

    Have fun with the cooking class…

  19. mihl Says:

    Have fun cooking and thanks for the list!

  20. Petbey Says:

    Your dogs are so cute,

    have fun with the cooking classes!

  21. Astra Libris Says:

    Awwww, just look at your gorgeous puppies! I’m positively melting in the face of their cuteness over here… How could anyone resist their beautiful puppy eyes? 🙂

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous wealth of recipes! You can be sure several of them will find their way onto our table over the next few weeks! Thank you for providing us with such a culinary treasure! (I’m especially excited about the kale and avocado…)

    Have a wonderful time with your upcoming adventures!! Yay for cooking classes and friends in town! 🙂

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