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Mum, we are coming with you, aren’t we?  Because (and sorry to have to tell you this), we actually have more fans on this blog than you do.”


All of the recipes that appear on Diet, Dessert and Dogs are my own, original, creations, unless clearly stated otherwise.  When I use a recipe from another source or adapt someone else’s recipe, I will always state that fact prominently in my post (it’s only polite, really).

Please note that in accordance with Canadian copyright law the photos, recipes and all content of the posts on this blog are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced in any form without meeting certain criteria. 

  • For reproduction on a blog or website, you must attribute the source (this blog) of the information or recipe; a link to the original blog post is sufficient and most appreciated. 
  • If you wish to reproduce any of the material here in printed form or other media, you must obtain written consent from the author (ie, me).  To request such consent, please email Ricki at dietdessertdogs AT gmail DOT com.  I am always happy to hear from you and will gladly consider all reasonable requests.   

Any links to the individual blog pages, of course, are always most welcome. 🙂


On occasion on this blog, I do review foods, products, or cookbooks that I feel are relevant and which I myself would use.  I would be happy to consider any products for review that are compatible with the NAG diet, though I will only write about those I can honestly recommend.  If you have a product or book you’d like me to consider for review, please contact me at dietdessertdogs AT gmail DOT com.


2 Responses to “Recipes, Reviews and Copyright”

  1. Rose Smith Says:

    I wondered into this blog looking up a recipe for rice. I would love the recipe for the fudge cake with agave nector and cinnamon buns (I can’t find them) Also I would love to loose weight and have recently gone gluten free. Where is your testimony? I need fast results to stay motivated. Been working at this for 9 years. Help!

  2. Ricki Says:

    Hi Rose,
    The recipes will be in my upcoming cookbook, Sweet Freedom (see link at right). 🙂

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