I Got Meme’d!

May 2, 2008

Well, I thought I’d just pop in here for a minute (I know, poor me, nothing else to do on a Friday night–sniff, boo hoo) to add a quick post before the real weekend fun starts–watching Battlestar Gallactica with the HH and The Girls! Whoo-hoo!

One of my favorite bloggers, Lisa of Lisa’s Vegetarian Kitchen, has tagged me for a meme.  Here are the rules: 

Pick up the nearest book, and turn to page 123. Find the 5th sentence, then copy out the next 3 after that.

 The book I’m reading is called Consolation, by Canadian author Michael Redhill. The book relates 2 parallel storylines: one about a young apothecary in the late 1800s who emigrates to Toronto from London, England, to embark on a new life so he can transport his family to Canada; the second, a present-day story about a widow whose quest (sparked by her geologist husband’s suicide) is to validate his theory about Toronto’s history, which had been rejected before he died.  I’ve not quite finished it yet, but I’m guessing the two plotlines will intersect before I do.  I’ve been enjoying the book immensely–Redhill is a flawless writer whose use of language borders on rapturous at times –and would recommend it highly.

Okay, so here are the sentences. I think it’s fairly obvious from which plotline they’re plucked; and–bonus!–he uses long sentences, so more to read:

It felt warmer, or perhaps he was warmed still, whether by the lethal cocktail Ennis had given him or by the seeming closeness of the people he loved, and he had an urge to visit the lakefront, to stand where he’d first stood almost nine months earlier, full of arrogant wishes and simple hopes. He walked down to Front Street, where people of a more familiar class were now to be seen near the American Hotel, standing in knots of conversation.  He returned a happy wave of the hand to one of them, and inside the ground-floor windows of the hotel, frosted around the edges and fogged, he could hear the revelry of the guests in their grog, and a pianoforte playing in the background.

And now–the most difficult part–I am to tag five others.  On the one hand, I wish I could tag more than five, since there are so many great blogs I’m reading these days (reminder to self: update blogroll!).  On the other hand, I know many of you have been tagged recently and may be memed-out.  I apologize if you’ve already been asked to participate; I’ve made an effort not to include anyone who’s been tagged in the recent past–well, that I remember, anyway:

Looking forward to seeing what everyone’s reading.