On one episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David’s post-Seinfeld exploration of our modern cultural zeitgeist, he explains why he got rid of his dog by saying “It’s like having a bum living in your house.” 

As much as I adore Mr. David’s show and can understand how he might feel that way (Larry’s character has had his share of run-ins with unsavory types), I’m more inclined toward the following joke I once heard on CBC One (Canada’s public radio station):

The dog says, “You pat me. You feed me. You shelter me. You love me: you must be God!”

The cat says, “You pat me. You feed me. You shelter me. You love me: I must be God!”

Needless to say, I prefer dogs to cats. 

And even though the Furry Girls may laze around quite a bit during the day, those soulful brown eyes and wagging tails make it all worthwhile (well, maybe, except for the part about picking up poo in a plastic bag). 

I thought today’s entry would be perfect for Peanut Butter Etoufees  Food Bloggy Pets of the Month event.

(“Chaser and I are very grateful, Mum.  We will wag our tails for you any time.  Now, please bring me over another biscuit, and be sure to spread a little of that nice organic peanut butter on it, would you?“)