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“Mum, we are coming with you, aren’t we?  Because (and sorry to have to tell you this), we actually have more fans on this blog than you do.”

On this page, I’m going to keep track of my weight loss as I follow my Plan and slowly, ever so slowly, lower my weight and decrease my inches overall.  Weight taken every Sunday morning (though not connected in any way to worship).

March 15, 2009:

One week in and I’m hanging on!  I’m eating more veggies than I ever thought possible.  And NO FRUIT.  But it will be worth it if those little critters take a hike. . .  Pounds to go: 37.

March 14, 2009:

ACD Update: Honestly, I’m amazed at how hard this is.  How did I stick to this diet for TWO YEARS way back when?? A dessert lover’s world without fruit, sweeteners or most grains is an inventive place, let me tell you.  I’ve worked out a few “desserts” that satisfy part of the sugar cravings, but overall it feels like walking a very thin line.  Is this how addicts feel when they come off a drug (well, minus the bags under the eyes, skeletal ribcages, pockmarked forearms and tatoos)?  Right about now, I’d love a private chef à la Oprah.  Let someone else think up the innovative recipes and do the cooking–the more I’m out of the kitchen, the better.  (Hmmm, probably not the best strategy for someone writing a food blog).

March 10, 2009:

Day two and I’m still on the diet!  I woke up this morning with a wicked headache and thought at first I was coming down with something; then realized, “This is probably a die-off reaction.”  As the yeast are starved of their favorite food, sugar, they rebel and start screaming, “Feed me!”.  They moan and whinge and rail and beat their little yeasty fists against your innards, so you really do feel as if there’s a battle going on in your body.  This is caused by toxins being released as the yeast die off–and I seem to have been hit big time.  Still, I realize it’s temporary and already feel a bit better this evening.  Must persevere! Two days down–only 40 more to go! 

March 8, 2009:

Thought I’d record my weight again today, as this is the “official” start of the diet (last week was just “clean” eating, in preparation).  Pounds to go:  37.

March 7, 2009:

The ACD Diet I’ll follow: I have written about the basic diet before on this page, but this time round I’m following a specific regimen set out by Whole Approach, using resources from medical and nutritional practitioners.  I’m going to pair their diet with the one in my original candida bible, Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook by Zoltan Rona and Jeanne Marie Martin to come up with a unique and individual plan for me.  The diet starts Monday (March 9)–I’ll be keeping track of how I’m feeling (physically AND mentally) as well as key changes in symptoms, weight, etc.  Wish me luck!

March 4, 2009

Time for a new twist on this page. . . I’m going to report here on how I fare following an anti-candida regimen.  The goal is to clear my system once and for all of those yeasty critters who invade and make me crave chocolate and sweets.  Basically, this is very much like my original goal on this blog:  to become a “normal” eater who can, on occasion, enjoy a decadent dessert, glass of wine or other high-carb treat and not have to worry that one bite of Lindt will send me frantically emptying the cupbarods of all things chocolate.  This week:  a clean diet in preparation for the cleanse.  No restrictions except that there’s nothing refined allowed.  Day three and so far, I’m really enjoying all this healthy food. Pounds to goal:  36.

Week 50 (September 28-October 4)

As I typed the specifics of the date, above, it occurred to me that I am only TWO WEEKS away from the one-year anniversary of this diet adventure. TWO WEEKS!  Considering that yesterday at the workout club, my weight was down one more pound (at least we’re moving in the right direction, now–whoo hoo!), that means I have lost a total of 3 pounds in FIFTY WEEKS.  Hmmmnnn, let’s see: averages out to .06 of a pound per week.  Another way to state that is it took 16.6 weeks to lose ONE POUND. Way to go!  (Well, in reality, I lost something like 28 pounds in the past 50 weeks.  It’s just that I gained back 25 of them.)  Weight:  down 1 pound.  Pounds to go: 37.

;Week 45 (August 24-30)

Time sure does fly when you’re eating whatever you want. Okay, not exactly whatever I want–but whatever I want within boundaries.  Oddly, it seems to have worked.  Weight:  down 2 pounds.  Pounds to go:  38.

Week 39 (July 13-July 19)

Well, this is becoming a bit embarrassing.  I mean, the original goal of this page (and the blog) was to track my weight loss.  Now, ten months into the project, I’m in love with blogging; I spend time baking, cooking, tasting, and writing almost every day; and my weight is pretty much where it was the day I started this project.  Do I really need to keep track of this weekly?  I think not.  Besides, I had much more success when I took that Total Health course, and lost 4 pounds in 9 weeks–not great, but something.  And so, from now on, I’ll be tracking only once a month.  Let’s hope that next month, I have something better than this to report:  Weight: up .5 pounds.  Pounds to go: 40.

Week 38 (July 6-July 12)

With brilliant sunshine, not-too-humid heat, and lots of outdoor activities, I seem to have forgotten about eating habits this week.  Neither ups nor downs, which can be a good thing, I suppose. Weight:  same as last week.  Pounds to go: 39.5.

Week 37 (June 29-July 5)

Well, with Canada Day and a weekend trip to Montreal, I’ve certainly been enjoying what I eat.  Huge meals in great restaurants, my own baked goods on the road (can’t drive 6 hours each way without some sustenance, can you?) and a couple of trials with vegan butter tarts, and let’s just say I wasn’t too hopeful about this week’s weigh-in.  BUT I WAS WRONG!  Yep–I guess that eating a generally healthy diet, with a few little treats here and there (and I’ve been trying very hard to keep them little) will allow me to continue on the path I established while following my cleanse. . . . and so, happy news:  Weight:  down .5.  Pounds to go:  39.5.

Week Thirty Six (June 22-28 )

Can it really be NINE WEEKS since I last wrote on this page?  Well, the good news is, I loved the course.  Yay!  Healthy eating for nine weeks!  The bad news isn’t even so bad: I lost 4 pounds while on the course.  Which brings me back to my starting weight from 8 months ago.  But I’ve started reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, so I am NOT going to look back and feel bad that my weight has been yo-yo’ing over the past eight months.  No, I am going to look ahead. . . oh, wait, I guess according to Eckhart, I shouldn’t really look ahead, either. . . I’m going to look right here, right NOW and continue to eat healthfully.  Which is very easy right NOW, as it’s 10:56 PM and I’m about to go to sleep.  The power of NOW, indeed!  Weight:  down 4 pounds.  Pounds to go:  40.

Weeks Twenty Seven-Thirty Five (April 27-June 21)

May 9th: Okay, maybe I won’t be totally silent during this time, even if I’m not weighing myself.  I’m definitely loving the course (I usually write a little coda at the end of whatever entry comes after Wednesdays) and am definitely feelling much better in terms of health and energy.  Yay Total Health!

Week Twenty-Six:  April 20-26

After a weekend visiting family in Montreal, the weight has climbed again.  Family-encouraged eating?  Stress?  Sitting around too much?  Whatever; I’ve already decided to make a change, and have signed up for a nine-week course (which I first mentioned here).  As a result, I’ve also decided that, for the duration of the course at least, I’m going to put the weigh-ins on hold.  Come back the week of June 22 to see where I am by then! For now, weight:  up 2 pounds.  Pounds to go:  44.

Week Twenty-Five:  April 13-19

Not a happy morning on the scale today.  Seems the weight is creeping its way UP, rather than DOWN.  But I’ve decided to take radical action–I’m asking for help!  As of this week, I’ve registered for a course to focus on general healthy lifestyle and diet.  Chocolate, be warned–you will be exorcised! Weight:  up one pound.  Pounds lost: 0.  Pounds to go: 42.

Week Twenty-Four: April 6-12

Still stuck with a sore back; no exercise, which means no getting to the gym, which means no weigh-in.  And so, another deferral. . .

Week Twenty-Three: March 30-April 5

Being stuck in bed during the GBR, I was unable to get to the scale. . . so it will have to wait until next time.

Week Twenty-Two: March 23-29

Well, this is starting to get embarrassing, truly.  Should I change the blog title to “Dessert and Dogs”? Oh, well. Things are as they are. . . weight: same as last week.  Pounds lost: 0.  Pounds to go: 41.

Week Twenty-One: March 16-22

One of the things dieters dream about achieving is “maintenance,” that coveted achievement when, after losing your desired amount of weight, you’re able to keep it steady at that point; the time when, forever more, your weight just stays the same.  Well, I’m half way there, anyway.  Weight: same as last week. Pounds lost: 0.  Pounds to go:  41.

Week Twenty: March 9-15

This past week, taking a break from the blog, I basically sat at my computer and didn’t move.  Same for my weight.  Weight:  same as last week. Total lost: 0 lbs.  Total to go:  41 lbs. I’m beginning to detect a pattern here. . .  

Week Nineteen: March 2-8

I suppose I could blame the winter, and the fact that our metabolisms become sluggish this time of year.  Or I could blame the fact that I’ve been unable to complete my usual workout this past week, as I pulled my back and am barely mobile.  Or I could just blame Canada.  But no; it’s more likely that, as Kirstie Alley said on Oprah, when asked how she gained all her weight, “I earned every pound, by putting too much food into my mouth.”  Ouch.  Weight: up 2 pounds.  Total lost: 0.  Pounds to go:  41.  Double ouch.

Week Eighteen:  February 24-March 1

After this week of WOCA, I was certain I’d pack on the pounds, as I didn’t restrict eating on anything but chocolate/sweeteners.  However, the news is (relatively) good: Weight:  same as last week.  Total lost:  1 lb.  Total to go:  39 lbs.

Week Seventeen:  February 17-23

Finally, a change:  but oops–wrong direction.  After the colossal pig-out that was Valentine’s Day, I’m glad today begins my Week of Chocolate Asceticism (WOCA). Weight:  up 1 lb.  Total lost: 1 lb.  (Yes, it appears that–after seventeen weeks–I am basically back where I started.  Time to begin a new blog!  Kidding.)

Week Sixteen:  February 10-16

Does the word “diet” even still belong in the title of this blog?  Perhaps it should be “Maintenance, Dessert and Dogs.”  Ah, no, doesn’t have the same ring.  But it’s appropriate this week, anyway.  Weight:  same as last week.  Total lost: 2 lb.  Still have 38 to go.

Week Fifteen:  February 3-9

Have you been keeping track of the stock market recently?  Monday–up 300 points.  Tuesday–down 450.  Wednesday–up to a new high.  Thursday–plumbing the depths of a new low.  Up, down.  Up, down. I should be listed on the NASDAQ.  Weight:  up 2 pounds (total of 2 lost).  38 to go. 

Week Fourteen:  January 28-February 2

They say variety is the spice of life.  Well, no spice on the scale this week.  Weight: same as last week.  36 pounds to go.

Week Thirteen:  January 20-26

Well, with The CFO visiting for the weekend this week, I actually performed the ritual weigh-in on Friday.  Weight:  total 4 lb. down.  36 to go.  I can’t vouch for this same result AFTER the weekend, though, considering that 6 out of 7 planned activities involve food.

Week Twelve: January 13-19:

I’m the type of person who likes consistency in life.  Good, solid, reliable, predictable–those are all adjectives that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Drastic or unexpected change drives me crazy (as I made painfully evident in this post).  So, I suppose this week’s weight loss fits right into that pattern.  Weight: total 3 .5 pounds down.  36.5 to go.

Week Eleven: January 6-12

Do we really need to rely on the use of impersonal numbers to assess how we feel or look?  Really, is it necessary to employ a cold, mechanical machine–a scale–just to determine whether or not we can have dessert this week? Seriously, why are we all so dependent on all of these modern amenities, just to know where we stand in life, just to keep track of the fine details of. . . oh, fine, all right already–yes, I did weigh myself this morning, and yes, I am avoiding the issue:  total of 3 pounds down.  37 to go.  Same as last week.  * sigh *.

Week Ten:  December 30-January 5

Weight:  3 lb. down, 37 to go, same as in week 6 (exactly a month ago).  Shall I pretend that I didn’t lose any weight since then, and my weight has just remained steady all this time?  Or should I pretend that it’s really only “week one”–the new year, and all–this week, and start fresh?  Or should I simply get back on track and stop shoving chocolate in my mouth?

Week Nine: December 23-29

What??  Nine weeks, already?? Weight: 5 down; 35 to go. The holidays have taken their toll. Now, if I’d been losing that 1 pound per week that I’d aimed for since the beginning, I’d have lost 9 pounds by now. Instead, I’m 5 pounds below that. Hmmmm.  Time to reassess this approach, perhaps?

Week Eight: December 16-22

Another foiled attempt to weigh-in; snow preventing any and all movement in the city today.  But I can tell that the results of recent revelry and cheer haven’t been good.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Week Seven: December 9-15, 2007

Today’s weigh-in pre-empted due to debilitating viral condition, preventing me from getting to the gym. (No, really.) [ Coda, December 10th– Weight: 5.5 down; 34.5 to go.  Managed to get to the club today instead. Late, but surprisingly better.]

Week Six: December 2-8, 2007

Weight: 3 down; 37 to go. Wrong direction, scale.  I weigh in on this particular weigh in here.

Week Five:  November 25-December 1, 2007

Weight:  3.5 down; 36.5 to go. Back to the workout club this morning and the scale that started it all in Week One.  Based on their scale, I seem to have lost weight again.  Can’t imagine where the scale would register if I hadn’t had those 150 grams of chocolate and assorted other baked sweets at the expo yesterday. Could it be that regular exercise, having my treadmill in the TV room, and compensating for overeating by skipping the next meal have all made a difference??

Week Four:  November 18-24, 2007

Weight: 2 lb. down, 38 to go. A couple of days late, as I wasn’t able to find a scale before now.  Shocked to find my weight down after eating a minimum of 1/2 pound of chocolate daily for the entire first week after we moved (on November 12th).  This new strategy?  Stop the chocolate, and be so busy that you have to skip at least one meal per day for three or four days.  Not exactly healthy, though I’m glad the weight is still moving in the downward direction.

Week Three:  November 11-17, 2007

Can’t register my weight, as we can’t find the scale in all the debris over here. . . will update next week.

Week Two: November 4-10, 2007

Weight: .5 lb. down; 39.5 to go (not what I’d hoped for–but okay considering the number of cookies and chocolate I’ve eaten this week).

Week One: October 28-November 3, 2007

Weight:  40 pounds to lose (worse than I realized).


3 Responses to “Progress Tracker”

  1. Deb Schiff Says:

    Good for you!

    One of the things that keeps me going is taking measurements:

    upper thighs
    upper arms

    And, weight, although there’s nothing as satisfying as dropping inches and fitting into pants that haven’t fit in years.

    I started at 155 back in mid-July and have been holding steady at 139 for 1.5 months. I have 15 more pounds to go, but I probably won’t make that goal by the end of the year. Instead, I have to make it by the end of January, when I have to have surgery on my left foot and won’t be mobile for a while.

    That’s incentive! I’ll also have to cut my calorie intake significantly because I won’t be burning much at all. It’s a pain, but having seen the results, I can’t let myself go again.

    If I can do it, you can do it!

  2. Ricki Says:


    Wow. Congratulations on keeping it off for so long. Best wishes on the final 15 and your upcoming surgery (but you’ll still be able to write your blog, right??).

    Oh, and I did consider adding the measurements to my blog, but just can’t face those numbers yet! I will likely add them eventually. So far, I can’t fit into any of my “slim” pants, but am so looking forward to that, down the road.


    Thank you for your kind words and motivation (and many recipes that can help get me there).


  3. […] help from me.  I feel certain I’ve lost some weight, if only a milligram (will report on the Progress Tracker at the end of the […]

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