Flash in the Pan: Mex-Ital Tofu Scramble

July 23, 2008


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[I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in a while, for a dish that comes together incredibly quickly, or else is so easy to make that no recipe is required.  Here’s today’s “Flash in the Pan.”]

[Non-salsa version]

Oooh. . . I’m feeling the crunch.  I wish I could say that’s the “crunch” of a lovely rice crisp-filled chocolate bar or the crunch of ice in a gin and tonic as I lounge by a pool, or even the crunch of my feet as they traverse a lovely woodsy trail with The Girls, but no; the crunch I am experiencing is the crunch of marking as the semester nears its end.  And now that we’ve reached this critical juncture in the term, I’m afraid I won’t be able to post as often as I’d like, at least for a couple of weeks.

I did discover that I’ve got quite a few photos from previous cooking adventures, however, patiently waiting for posts, so I’ll try to clear out some old files over the next while as I simultaneously clear out that pile of marking.

First up is a recipe I remembered while reading Katy’s post yesterday, about her first-ever tofu scramble. I realized I’ve got no fewer than 4 potential posts about various tofu dishes, as the quintessential bean is a regular in our household and I’m always trying out different recipes in a quest for variety and novelty. I’ll start you off with this super-easy Flash in the Pan recipe before moving on to other favorite scrambles in the next week or two.

Like so many of you, I am a big fan of Veganomicon.  One recipe in particular calls to me over and over, sort of like Casablanca or It’s A Wonderful Life:  no matter how many times I sample Isa and Terry’s Caesar salad, I’m always excited to see it again. In fact, I do believe I’ve never tasted a Caesar dressing quite as good as that one, vegan or otherwise. (“We’re pretty fond of it, too, Mum.  We just love that high-protein, high-fat combination of tofu and ground almonds!”)

Just a wee problem:  every time the HH and I whip up a batch of that dressing for our romaine lettuce, we end up with enough silky, garlicy coating for 10-12 servings.  But we are only two.  And yes, I eat Caesar for four days in a row–but still end up with half the dressing in a jar in the fridge.  So, what to do with the leftovers?

Last weekend, I had a little epiphany:  why not COOK IT??  Yes, my friends, I heated up a Caesar salad dressing.  And not only that; I also mixed it with salsa and crumbled tofu.  Yep, life sure is wacky in the DDD household!  (“You said it, Mum! But does this mean we get to lick dressing off your fingers now?”)

And you know what?  It was fantastic!  The combination of slightly spicy (I used a medium-hot salsa), creamy and pungent was to-die-for.  The raw garlic in the dressing is cooked a bit, thereby mitigating the usual bite when that particular bulb is eaten raw.  The dressing-salsa mixture was the perfect consistency–thick enough to smother and cling to the chunks of tofu, yet soft enough to remain a bit saucy. (And we’re all for saucy here at DDD).

The second time I tried it, we were actually all out of salsa, so I just used a chopped onion sautéed in a tad of olive oil, a (large) chopped tomato and a few sprinkles of tabasco, for a very similar effect.  I think I’m addicted to this stuff now (or, at least, for the next couple of weeks, before I move on to something else. . . not only wacky, but fickle, too. I guess that’s just what life is like during crunch time.).

Mex-Ital Tofu Scramble


[Salsa version]

If you’re in a hurry and happen to have leftover Caesar dressing in the fridge, this is a great scramble for breakfast or lunch.  People are particular about the tofu they use for scrambles–I like really firm, solid chunks, but if you prefer the water-packed kind, go for it.  This is lovely on a piece of spelt pita.



22 Responses to “Flash in the Pan: Mex-Ital Tofu Scramble”

  1. Katy Says:

    Ooh, I can feel a serious tofu scramble addiction coming on! Just one more excuse to make caesar salad! It looks delicious!

    Also, I nominated you for a Brillante Weblog award! Check out the details on my blog!

  2. VeggieGirl Says:

    Best of luck with the end of the semester, Ricki!!

  3. magpie Says:

    I love tofu scramble. Have you tried adding nutritional yeast? It makes it taste a little cheesy, and it’s so good.

  4. shellyfish Says:

    You’re so smart & creative! How wonderful, and I think there’s a bit of tofu in my parents fridge! Je te souhaite courage for the end of the semester…I always loved & hated that time – the rush for grading, finishing…but the celebrating afterwards is so fun!

  5. I adore tofu scramble, so I’ll hav to try your scrumptious-looking version.

  6. abracapocus Says:

    i have the same thing happen with this recipe! i even doubled the veg and not the sauce for a recent potluck and STILL have sauce left. i’ve poured it over steamed broccoli in the past, but i have a lonely block of tofu in the fridge…maybe it’ll get all scrambled up this time!

  7. veganhomemade Says:

    What a great idea! I loooooove the VCON caesar dressing recipe (don’t usually have any left), I’m sure it would taste good on just about anything.

  8. jessy Says:

    they both look wonderful!!!!!! i still have yet to make tofu scramble! what’s wrong with me?!?! ahahahhaaaa!

  9. Cyn Says:

    This is brilliant! And totally the excuse I need to make a batch of that delicious caesar dressing.

  10. holler Says:

    This looks good girl 🙂

  11. Courtney Says:

    Mmmmmm…I *love* “saucy” dishes/recipes, so I will have to try it! I have yet to make the Vcon Caesar dressing recipe, so this just might be the kick in the pants I need to break out the cookbook and give it a try!


  12. Lucy Says:

    Beautiful, Ricki.

    As was Mrs K’s cake, last night. None left for me today – the boys ate it all. How rude is that?

    My fav scrambled tofu uses cheddar cheese too…it’s lovely, but sort of defeats the point. This, on ‘tother hand, looks easy and delish.

    Good luck marking.

  13. Johanna Says:

    I am still trying to get my head around this – sounds like a crazy idea that just might work – perhaps part of my uncertainty is that we never have ceasar salad dressing in my house – but this recipe makes me think it could be worth trying to make my own – good luck with the marking – am sure the girls would be only too happy to help!

  14. Ashley Says:

    Ohhh that looks so good. I’ve made various scrambles but I don’t like how dry they are, so putting a sauce on it like this sounds REALLY good. I’ll have to check out the recipe for the Caesar dressing. Thanks for the awesome idea.

  15. Jennifer Says:

    I’m a huge fan of quick and easy recipes! Thanks for posting this today!

  16. Aly Says:

    I think Flash in the Pan will quickly become my favourite type of post on your blog (although I do love them all). I am not a patient chef..

  17. Hi Ricki! I think that happiness equals a bowl of your scramble, an icy cold Corona, & a lime wedge! Oh, plus a hammock & a good book!

    P.S. I nominated you for the Brillant Weblog Award! The details are on my blog…

  18. Ricki Says:

    Thanks so much for the nomination–I am really honored! And I’ll get to work thinking about my own 7 blogs as well.

    Thanks so much! Will just keep slogging along. . .

    I do usually add nutritional yeast (plus a million other things), but I wanted something super-easy and quick for this particular recipe. But yes, nut. yeast is always nice! 🙂

    Yep, that’s how I’m trying to look at it. . . that last week of August is going to be PAR-TAY!! 😉

    Hope this is a new version for you to enjoy!

    Howdy–so nice to see a comment from you once again! I think your sauce would be nice on tofu, too, if mixed with something else to give it a bit more “zing.” 🙂 Let us all know how it works out!

    I suppose I could just put more dressing on the salad, but then of course I would never have had any left over to play with 🙂

    Oh, you MUST try it! I have a few favorite recipes (will post the others soon). Once you try it out, I’m sure you’ll love it, too.

    Thanks so much for your comment, and for visiting! And glad to give you an excuse to cook and eat 😉

    Thanks! So good that I may have overdone it a bit. . .

    The Caesar is really, really worth trying out. I don’t even bother with the roasted garlic croutons most of the time–just romaine and that amazing dressing!

    I’m sooooo glad you all (esp. the boys) like the cake! Glad to know it’s kid/teen friendly. And, well, if you like cheese in your tofu scramble, why not? 😉

    Worth a try if you like unusual combinations 🙂 . And you know, the HH is always telling me to let The Girls help out (“Whichever ones Elsie picks get “A”; whichever ones Chaser picks get “B,” etc. –somehow, I don’t think that would go over too well with the administration–or my students–well, the ones Chaser picked, anyway 😉 ).

    This one is definitely NOT dry. I do like the dryer versions as well, but this is nice for a change.

    Thanks so much for your comment! Glad you liked it. 🙂

    Thanks! I like the cooking part of the FIP posts, anyway–but I’d still need other posts to vent in writing about the rest of life! 😉

    The HH (a huge Corona fan) is with you on that one! And thanks so much for the nomination! Wow, very honored. 🙂 I’ll do my best to post about my own 7 choices asap. !

  19. Sophie Says:

    Such a good idea Ricki. I love those recipes that come into being just to use up the leftovers from something else – very creative! There are certain ingredients that recipes just never seem to use full quantity – creme fraiche, coconut milk…

  20. Erin Says:

    Heck yes! I’ll be making this tomorrow, for sure! Thanks! 😀
    ~Erin @ “Vegan & the City”

  21. Vegan_noodle Says:

    Caesar dressing on tofu scramble = genius!

  22. […] (shouldn’t everyone try one of these for breakfast at some point?) 3. Tofu Scramble (so many great varieties out there!) 4. Haggis (I ate the veg version–never have tried the “real” stuff!) […]

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